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Of Love and Hate

Updated: Oct 7, 2022

Weary and tired he returns to his cave, lonely and lost he feels in the woods…

Attachment leads to the doors of expectance, where expectance bears only pain. Pain is from what you can’t hide, for only the one who feels the darkness can truly love the sunshine.

When he walks on it, it’s like a grand entanglement of roads, one after the other all leading to a crossroad. He chooses one and walks a mile and another, which leads to another crossroad. It seems confusing but only if he rises above these choices and floats above the questions, he would understand that no matter what path he takes, it will all lead to a destiny. This destiny would depend not on what path was chosen, but the way he walked, what he did and what he learnt in his journey.

For destiny is just a journey thoroughly enjoyed.

All the people who he walks with or just happen to meet on one of these paths will be with him temporarily. This might be a day, days, months, years or decades but it will be temporary.

Somedays he will feel alone, or may be most of the time but that’s the way it’s meant to be. Partners will part ways, Friendships will end, Loneliness will stay.

You are you, meant to be alone, your only true companion is your own shadow, but even that would disappear if there’s too much darkness in you.

For those who accompany him, shall also share the gift of light. He will know the power of the light, the light that helps one remember who they are. He will learn to forget the dark side of his fellow travelers, he will learn to overlook.

The light of love, Love wears the eyes of an innocent child; it only sees the other in their best form. The illegitimate son would love his prostitute mother as any other son loves his. The father of a murderer would love his son like all his other children, in their best form. It is love that turns an ordinary girl into a princess and an ordinary man into her knight in shining armor, ready to take on the world to be with her. Love a blessing that would make him respect and respectable, care and cared for.

It is a light, a guiding light that removes all the darkness from himself and the world. It has the power to turn a thief into a saint and rule the hearts of those on who his love shines. But it takes an effort to love others or yourself and further more to keep it alive. It takes time to understand its depth and true power, it’s not that simple. It’s simple to reject, loathe, disregard or antagonise, this apathy leads to a different world not a different path.

He thinks his heart is devoid of love, but its actually he who exits that world.

Then he would see everything differently. A saint as a fraud, a father as an egoistic manic, a mother as callous woman, friend as an enemy.

They are the same people who he once loved, respected and understood. But now their words make no sense. Their care feels fake and their love insignificant and it makes him insignificant. This is for the lack of love in his heart not of others, for his spirit in one world while the physical body in another.

It is up to him to love or to hate, it is his choice, his will.

It is your choice to forgive and forget, you have the power to change your past, as past is just a collection of memories. It is your choice what you want to remember, the pleasant times or the uncomfortable ones. The same ones you burn your heart with hatred also had kindled it with love. Your choice which memory you give power to. It’s only the ones who know the ways to your heart know how to hurt it.

What will be the present that he will choose, of light or of darkness? How he acts today will mould his future. The path he choses will make the journey, pleasant or unforgiving. Future is in the actions of today and past in the memories of today. What will he chose?

Both will take an equal effort, both will take time, both will take him to his destiny.

He then walks out of his cave and wears his mask. With a smile he walks on to greet the world.

Note: I wrote these thoughts in 1997-98, when I was young and naive. I recently found it one of the note books, that I used to scribble on. I have edited the original piece as there were many errors, but the words and its meaning is about 99% same.

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