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Mad Man

He’s laughs at your civilised ways,

and dances on your blood-stained streets, He says, your platitudes for violence

is like a band with no rhythm or beat. You dress this way, you pray that way,

the learned have drawn the line, They say, my god's the gate keeper,

he decides, pleasure, pain and your time. My god is mighty, my ways clean,

let the survivors decide the truer deal. He said “be” and the universe was there,

yet, you need to kill, to prove his steel? No care for hungry, orphaned or lowly,

but your temples surely touch the sky Let’s play God, Let’s play God,

sings the mad man with great joy. So slaughter and maim,

the butchers who kill the holy beasts, Violate the daughters who aren't ideal,

share them like they’re treats. Though lynched men, sacrificial beasts,

their colour red looks the same, Shed your selective tears, in midst of carnage,

disgrace you have to use His name. Burn the forests to light your lamps,

poison the air for your luxury chairs, Weren't you banished

for eating the forbidden fruit and yet you dare? The list of Ten you had to follow,

but you care not of this life, next or tomorrow Let’s play God, Let’s play God,

dances the Mad man with heartfelt sorrow.

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