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Princess on the bus

Princess on the bus go slow, riding to the distant shore,

Show merriment, though rides rigour, with folks, friends galore,

Let some in, don’t let some in, be the captain of your being,

Don’t be judged, be authentic, don’t fall for tricks or dance the ring

Princess on the bus look out, for love, beauty and peace, shout out,

While riding through high and low, of laughs, joys and some sorrow

Shades and seasons are just a part, of this great long spectacle,

There will be green eyed, disdained and fakes, don’t nest in heartaches.

Princess on the bus don’t wait, for no prince or knight for rescue,

Be strong, find your way, for you at midnight there’s no curfew

Times have changed, no games but people are played, abused,

So, don’t fall for less, no compromise, and don’t be a statistics or trend

Princess on the bus be sure, no one can choose for you, to go

Stand tall, believe and fight more, be a champ, be Maya Angelou

Stamp your mark on the time, not hearts on sand, that’s washed and gone

At times, get off that bus, hop on your motorbike, ride though into a new dawn.

Wrote this one for my daughter and every dad's princess, may they get the world they deserve much better than their dads can dream off.

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